Agilent安捷倫 N5182A 矢量信號發生器

品牌:安捷倫Agilent 購買:0755-83766766 租賃:儀器租賃

北京单场固定买平局 主要特性與技術指標


Signal Characteristics

  • 250 kHz to 1, 3 or 6 GHz (settable down to 100 kHz)
  • +13 dBm @ 1 GHz output power
  • ≤ -121 dBc/Hz (typ) phase noise at 1 GHz and 20 kHz offset
  • ≤1.2 ms switching speed in SCPI mode; ≤900 ?s simultaneous frequency and amplitude switching in l

Modulation and Sweep

  • AM, FM, ØM, and pulse
  • Digital step and list sweep with simultaneous switching of frequency and power

Automation and Communication Inte

  • 100BaseT LAN, USB 2.0 and GPIB
  • LXI class-C compliant
  • SCPI and IVI-COM drivers
  • Backwards compatible with all ESG, PSG, 8648 signal generators, and other vendors´ signal generators


具有快速頻率和幅度切換能力、高可靠性以及易于自我維護的特性――所有這些均在兩個機架單元中(2RU)提供――Agilent MXG模擬發生器經過專門優化,可為生產制造業應用提供精確和可重復的參考信號。Agilent  MXG模擬信號發生器通過提高吞吐率,延長運行時間以及節省機架空間的特性,使您的北京单场固定买平局具有更高價值。通過可擴展的射頻性能,Agilent  MXG模擬信號發生器可實現輕松配置,從而滿足您特定的測試需要,生成本振和時鐘替代、l連續波干擾,以及用于模擬通信系統中的調制信號(如調幅、調頻和調相)。





N5182A-006 Instrument security   電話咨詢
N5182A-012 LO In/Out for phase coherency   電話咨詢
N5182A-019 Upgrade baseband generator memory to 64 Msa   電話咨詢
N5182A-099 Expanded license key upgradeability   電話咨詢
N5182A-1A7 MXG Series ISO 17025 accredited calibration with test data US$ 1,550
N5182A-1CM Rackmount kit   電話咨詢
N5182A-1CN Front handle kit   電話咨詢
N5182A-1CP Rackmount with front handle kit   電話咨詢
N5182A-1CR Rack Slide Kit US$ 172
N5182A-1EA High output power   電話咨詢
N5182A-1EL Differential I/Q outputs   電話咨詢
N5182A-1EM Move all connectors to rear panel   電話咨詢
N5182A-1EQ Low power (Less than -110dBm)   電話咨詢
N5182A-1ER Flexible reference input (1-50MHz)   電話咨詢
N5182A-221 Waveform license 5-pack1   電話咨詢
N5182A-222 Waveform license 5-pack2 US$ 1,370
N5182A-223 Waveform license 5-pack3 US$ 1,370
N5182A-224 Waveform license 5-pack4 US$ 1,370
N5182A-225 Waveform license 5-pack5 US$ 1,370
N5182A-226 Waveform license 5-pack6 US$ 1,370
N5182A-227 Waveform license 5-pack7 US$ 1,370
N5182A-228 Waveform license 5-pack8 US$ 1,370
N5182A-229 Waveform license 5-pack9 US$ 1,370
N5182A-250 Waveform license 50-pack1   電話咨詢
N5182A-251 Waveform license 50-pack2 US$ 7,217
N5182A-252 Waveform license 50-pack3 US$ 7,217
N5182A-253 Waveform license 50-pack4 US$ 7,217
N5182A-254 Waveform license 50-pack5 US$ 7,217
N5182A-255 Waveform license 50-pack6 US$ 7,217
N5182A-256 Waveform license 50-pack7 US$ 7,217
N5182A-257 Waveform license 50-pack8 US$ 7,217
N5182A-258 Waveform license 50-pack9 US$ 7,217
N5182A-259 Waveform license 50-pack10 US$ 7,217
N5182A-320 Pulse train generator   電話咨詢
N5182A-403 Calibrated AWGN US$ 7,199
N5182A-430 Multitone and two-tone US$ 3,824
N5182A-431 Custom digital modulation US$ 3,824
N5182A-432 Phase noise impairment US$ 4,913
N5182A-503 Frequency range from 100kHz to 3GHz US$ 19,621
N5182A-506 Frequency range from 100kHz to 6GHz US$ 29,740
N5182A-651 Internal baseband generator (30 Msa/s, 8 Msa)   電話咨詢
N5182A-652 Internal baseband generator (60 Msa/s, 8 Msa)   電話咨詢
N5182A-654 Internal baseband generator (125 Msa/s, 8 Msa)   電話咨詢
N5182A-800 Customer service kit front panel connector configuration US$ 7,688
N5182A-801 Customer service kit rear panel connector configuration US$ 7,688
N5182A-A6J MXG Series ANSI Z540 compliant calibration with test data US$ 1,042
N5182A-AKT Russia - Russian Localization US$ 182
N5182A-AXT Hard Transit Case US$ 1,550
N5182A-UK6 Commercial calibration certificate with test data   電話咨詢
N5182A-UNT AM, FM, phase modulation   電話咨詢
N5182A-UNU Pulse modulation   電話咨詢
N5182A-UNV Enhanced dynamic range   電話咨詢
N5182A-UNW Add Narrow pulse modulation   電話咨詢
N5182A-UNZ Fast switching   電話咨詢